My name is Kristi Osterreicher, and this is my online Portfolio. Inside you will find a collection of my finished artwork, my thoughts and philosophies, and general information about myself.

I draw all my work by hand before scanning it into the computer, while my most recent work is both inked and coloured digitally. My Gallery of work is divided into four parts: Finished Work, Concept Gallery, Additional Information, and a Photo Gallery. Finished Work is a collection of my inked and coloured artwork, while the Concept Gallery contains preliminary sketches and in-progress versions of completed characters. Additional Information serves to provide background information on selected drawings including inspirations, design themes, and the imagined histories of specific characters.

I am currently pursuing a career in Character Design for animation, so that I may combine my love of animation with my passion for design. I hope you will enjoy my Portfolio and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All Images and Material Copyright Kristi Osterreicher 2010-2013